Why Dogs Make the Best Valentine's Dates


Unfortunately, in this modern age, society has conditioned us to think that those who spend Valentine's Day with their dog are sad or lonely (we blame The Notebook). But here at Petsypoles, we believe that those lucky individuals have it pretty damn good. In our opinion, there's no better feeling than the unconditional love that a dog gives to its human, so we don't blame you for being tempted to ditch the typical two-legged Valentine this year and spend the day celebrating the bond you have with your furry friend instead.

If you weren't already planning to swap out Valentine's chocolates for some premium dog treat instead, here are our top 5 reasons why celebrating Valentine's Day with your dog is the best.



1. Dogs don't even know what Valentine's day is

And isn't that great! Our furry friends' complete obliviousness to this holiday means no trips to the florist. No expensive dinners. No need to spend big bucks or stress out over the perfect gift. Your pooch will be perfectly happy with whatever you give them (even if it's just a belly rub!). As long as you're there giving them the attention they deserve, it's a special day in their books


2. Dogs don't care about Valentine's day gifts

Think about any time you've given your dog a gift (that wasn't a premium dog treat, of course), and try to recall what they did. Surely the best reaction you got was a sniff and a look as if to say, "Alright… what now?". While this can come off as a little unappreciative (it's ok dogs everywhere, we forgive you), this usually just occurs because dogs have no expectations; they simply do not care about material things. But they do care about spending time with you. So if an unexpected walkies or extra time for cuddles is on the agenda for your Valentine's Day, that will be sure to make your pup just as or even happier than any expensive gift would have.


3. A dog's love and devotion is testimony to unconditional love

Celebrating love is what Valentines Day is all about, so how is it that a dog's love for its owner is often disregarded as a part of this holiday? Loyalty, devotion and unconditional love – a dog gives you all these things. Whether you forget their birthday, come home late without an explanation or tell them off for sneaking a sausage from your plate, their heart is yours without judgement. They're not into giving you the silent treatment like some of us would because their love for us truly knows no limits.


4. Your dog loves you just the way you are

Dogs don't care if you look "presentable" or not, so there's no need to stress about buying a nice new outfit to wear for Valentine's Day with them. You don't even need to shower if you don't want to. No matter how the rest of the world sees you, in your pet's eyes, you are the best person ever - perfect just the way you are. So feel free to just head out to the park in your sweats, toss a ball around, and give a nice belly rub or two, and you're sweet! No makeup, no ironing or other extras required.


5. After the holiday is over, things don't change

And that's the best part. They still love you with the same intensity as they did before Valentine's Day. And will continue to love you just as much once the holiday is over. Every day is a day full of joy with their human. That's one of the many reasons that we love dogs.



So be sure to remember your dog on February 14th this year - it will probably be the best Valentine's Day you've ever had!

February 14, 2022 — Janine Taplin