A Dog Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas fast approaching, we can all agree that means one thing - it's time to get shopping. And I'm sure we all have that one dog-obsessed person in our life that loves their pooch more than life itself (personally, our favourite kind of people). But dog lovers are a special breed. You know the type: they're always showing you videos of their pup's adorable antics; they bring their dog with them absolutely everywhere; and their pooch is featured on their Instagram posts more than they are (that is, if their pup doesn't already have its own dedicated account).

Yes, it can be especially difficult to shop for doting dog owners, as it seems the thing that brings them the greatest joy is their beloved pet. So a sure-fire way to make sure you nail their present this Christmas is to give them a gift for their dog(s), or at least one that acknowledges their endless love of dogs. Luckily, you've come to the right place, as we have curated a group of functional and unique gifts - from matching outfits to gourmet dog treats - that celebrate dogs and their compassionate, loving owners.

Customised Dog Socks

We know socks have a bad rep as a typically 'boring' gift, but you simply cannot look past this adorable upgrade of the classic stocking stuffer. Australian small business Pulse Socks allows gift-givers to quickly and easily upload up to 3 different dog faces on each pair of socks. They offer a variety of different colours so that each pair is custom made to suit the preferences of anyone.

Those crazy dog-loving friends of yours will be sure to love this gift, as it allows them to proudly sport their pets with them everywhere they go. Not to mention, this gift option is hilariously unique (who else owns a pair of socks like them?), meaning it will be sure to put a smile on the gift receiver's face long after they first open the present.

Matching Outfits

Why not help the dog lover in your life take their fur-endship to the next level by gifting them matching outfits so they can twin with their canine bestie? Perth-based Rolas Pet Boutique offers a wide range of the cutest and most unique matching dog and owner sets that will be sure to turn heads down at the dog park. From bright Hawaiian shirts to striped sweaters and even edgy leather jackets, any stylish pet parent will be sure to love something from Rolas.

Plus, imagine all of the adorable photo opportunities that will come from this gift (which we're sure your dog-loving friend will be dying to show you the next time they see you).

Gourmet Dog Treats

You know how the old saying goes… "a way to a dog lover's heart is through their dogs' stomach" (that is how it goes, right?). Regardless of the historical accuracy of the saying, the central message holds true; food makes dogs happy, and having a happy dog makes a dog-lover happy. So for the perfect gift, look no further than a gourmet dog treat. Petsypoles is a Sydney-based company whose treats are an excellent gift option as they are filled with human-grade ingredients and delivered straight to the gift-receivers door, making them a gift sure to please both pup and parent!

As the Petsypoles treats are delivered straight to the receiver's door, this gift allows dog lovers to spend less time trudging to the shops to buy treats, giving them more time to spend cuddling their beloved furry friends (which is probably what they want the most for Christmas).

Plus, Petsypoles are a frozen dog treat, making them the perfect Christmas treat for all those dogs who need extra help cooling down during those hot Aussie summers.

Cider and Basil Christmas Set

And finally, for the more refined crazy dog lover, consider spoiling them with the gift of a beautiful smelling dog and a beautiful smelling home this Christmas. Cider and Basil is an Australian-based pet lifestyle brand that is currently selling limited edition sets that pair a delectable Christmas Peppermint Dog Shampoo with your choice of either a Christmas Pudding or Gingerbread Man scented candle. 

Think about it, Christmas time tends to mean lots of gatherings and visitors to your home, and there's nothing more embarrassing than having a stinky pup jumping all over your guests. So these sets are the perfect gift for both dog and owner this year, plus the adorably festive scents are sure to get any pup and pal duo into the Christmas spirit!

So there you have it, our short and sweet gift guide to help you spoil those devoted dog lovers in your life. There truly is nothing quite like the bond between a person and their pup, so if you want to guarantee a smile on their face this Christmas, we highly recommend giving them a present that celebrates the love they share. And, speaking from experience, there are few gifts as cherished by pet owners as those involving their fur babies - so rest assured that any of these gifts will be sure to impress. 

Merry Christmas from the Petsypoles Team!

December 16, 2021 — Janine Taplin