The faces behind the Petsypoles team.

Scroll down to find out a little more about each member and their furry friend!

Operation & Design

Janine & Bobby Petsypoles Team

Janine & Bobby

Janine is our executive director and the leader of our Petsypoles Pack. When she isn't at the office, she's spending time with her 4 boys (3 human sons, 1 dog son), listening to music and socialising with friends. Bobby loves big smiles and even bigger treats. His favourite Petsypoles flavour is Banana & Carob - He's got a sweet tooth!

Chelsea & Rani Petsypoles Team

Chelsea & Rani

Chelsea assists operational task and day-to-day duties. In-between work and studying a second degree in environmental law, Chelsea enjoys surfing, running and travelling. Rani is exactly like Chelsea as she is also a lover of the beach, water, going for runs and adventures away from home.

Ezra & Sadie Petsypoles Team

Ezra & Sadie

Ezra is our design engineer and is a passionate musician who plays the drums. He also loves surfing and is working hard to keep innovating new Petsypoles products. Sadie adores fishing, swims, and pelicans but is not a fan of the vacuum. Neither is Ezra.

Marketing and Sales

Georgia & Jack Petsypoles Team

Georgia & Jack

Georgia splits her time between contributing to the marketing and operations teams. She enjoys surfing, tennis, socialising and loves to travel. Georgia and Jack love to spend time together watching movies and soaking up the sun. Things they don't have in common include eating lizards and chasing flies.

Kaylea & Casper Petsypoles Team

Kaylea & Casper

Kaylea is the other face behind the marketing team and loves going to eat and exploring new restaurants. She is another team member that loves the beach and laying in the sun. Just like Kaylea, Casper is a big foodie and loves the heat - especially his heated blanket in the winter.

Cooper & Tux Petsypoles Team

Cooper & Tux

Our inseparable sales duo Cooper and Tux love doing everything together including coordinating matching shirts! They love mountain biking, hiking, the beach, and all things active. Tux also loves all things Petsypoles and isn't picky on her flavours, she drools for them all.


Anna & Jill Petsypoles Team

Anna & Jill

Anna is half of our accounts team and loves bush walking through national parks and reading whenever she gets a chance! Her cat Jill has her eyes on the future Petsypoles projects and is very excited for things to come!

Cathy & Archie Petsypoles Team

Cathy & Archie

The other half of our accounts team is Cathy who is an avid beach lover. Anything outdoors and under the sun has her name written all over it! Archie loves lying in bed because he is so stuffed all the time.