How big are Petsypoles?

One Petsypole is around 112g and 15cm long. Each of our packs are filled with two Petsypoles of the same flavour.

Where are Petsypoles made?

Petsypoles are created by our team in Sydney using ingredients sourced from Australian farmers & businesses.

Can Petsypoles replace meals?

While Petsypoles are filled with nutritious goodness, they are recommended to be provided to dogs as a treat and not to replace their meals. 

How many Petsypoles should I feed my dog?

As they are designed as a treat, it is recommended one per day for dogs over 10kg and half a Petsypoles for dogs under 10kg per day. However, you know your dog better than anyone and amounts will differ based on breed, weight, lifestyle, and diet. If unsure, consult with your local vet.

Are Petsypoles suitable for dogs of all ages?

Petsypoles are filled with human-grade ingredients so whether your dog is a sprite young pup or been around the block for years, they will benefit from the balanced nutrients packed inside. As always, if unsure please consult your vet and supervise your dog when consuming.

Delivery & Returns

How long will I have to wait for my delivery?

We aim to dispatch packages within 5 days from placing your order at which point you will receive an email confirming dispatch & provided with a tracking code. You will be sent a text the night before delivery. 

We will keep you informed if there are any unexpected courier delays.

Will I be notified when it will arrive?

The night before your delivery is expected to arrive you will receive an SMS to let you know it’s on its way and will be provided a live tracking link with estimations on delivery windows. You may receive another text if your package arrives after 7AM the next day to let you know it’s ready for the freezer

If you leave for work before 8AM please contact us and we will prioritise your delivery.

What should I do as soon as it arrives?

First things first, put your Petsypoles in the freezer! They are a natural product and while they have travelled in frozen storage from our warehouse you don’t want them to now melt at your door! 

Now for your packaging:

- Your box is house-hold recyclable 

- The gel packs are non-toxic and can either be poured onto your garden to help soil retain moisture or add a teaspoon of salt to the gel pack and drain down the sink

- Our liners, gel pack exterior and individual pouches can all be taken to your local supermarket recyclable plastic bins 

Can I track my order?

Yes you can! A live tracking link will be provided in an SMS before delivery so you can stay connected with your package! 

What if it doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged?

We try to take all measures to ensure that your Petsypoles arrive as tasty and fresh as when we make them but accidents do happen. If your delivery is late be sure to check out your live tracking link as occasionally some deliveries may not be on time due to unforeseen circumstances.

If your delivery is missing or arrives damaged please contact or call 1300 268 111 and a member of our team will be in contact with you to try and help rectify any issues. 

Sustainability & Standards

Is Petsypoles packaging recyclable?

Our packaging can be recycled at the plastic recycling bins located at most food shopping centres.

What standards are Petsypoles produced under?

In ingredients & procedure we follow the guidelines by AAFCO Dog Food Nutritional Profiles and AS 5812.


If I’m sending Petsypoles as a gift - what is the process & will they be told?

Petsypoles are the perfect gift for your furry friends so we make it easy and don’t spoil any surprises! When sending Petsypoles to another household make sure you put in the correct address and put a note in on the shopping cart page to let us know. We don’t place invoice details in the box but rather send them to the provided email.

Can I change my address or phone number that I placed my order under?

If you are needing to change any contact details please email us at as soon as possible. Depending on how close it is to dispatch we may be able to change and update your delivery details.

What is the shelf life of Petsypoles?

As a frozen product with resealable packaging, Petsypoles have a shelf life of up to 6 months. Please refer to the best before date located on the back of the packaging.