Top 5 Dog-friendly Easter Activities 

Any pet parent would agree that furry friends are an important part of our families, therefore, including them in the celebration of seasonal holidays is a no-brainer. And despite the fact that chocolate and dogs do not mix, Easter is no egg-ception (see what we did there). There are plenty of fun and safe activities out there for dog-loving families to ensure their pups are included in the Easter celebrations - you just have to get a little creative! To give you some inspiration, we have made a list of the top 5 Easter activities that you can enjoy with your dog so your pooch feels included in the celebration of this happy holiday:

  • Plan a Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

  • Easter is simply not complete without an easter egg hunt, so why not put your pup’s superior sense of smell to the test with a challenging Easter treat scent search? Hide some of your dog’s favourite treats around the backyard or the house for some good sniffin’ fun - just ensure that there are no chocolate eggs left behind by the human hunters before you let your dog off on their own hunt. To guarantee your pup has a blast, be sure to supervise them during the search, and give lots of encouragement, praise and assistance if needed.

  • Try Your Hand at Some Dog-Friendly Easter Baking 

  • Just because dogs can’t enjoy chocolate like us humans doesn’t mean that they should miss out on getting to enjoy a sweet treat during Easter time. This holiday is the perfect time to tweak your favourite biscuit and muffin recipes to include dog-friendly ingredients so that you can whip up some nutritious treats for your pup to indulge in. 

    While your dog can’t really be involved in the baking process (unless eating any scraps that fall on the floor counts?) the delicious aroma that will fill your house as the treats cook will have their mouth watering. Once they get to take a bite of your delicious homemade treats, their Easter will be made.

  • Treat Your Pup to an Easter Picnic

  • Autumn is a fantastic time of year for a picnic -  the weather is not too hot, not too cold and the parks are begging to be played in after a very hot summer. With all that extra time you find yourself enjoying over the long weekend, why not schedule a family picnic where you can bring your pooch along for the afternoon? Just grab a picnic basket, fill it with all those delicious Easter lunch leftovers and maybe a couple of those dog-friendly easter treats we mentioned earlier and you’re good to go! Playing outdoors and spending time with their favourite humans is certainly one of a dog’s favourite ways to celebrate Easter.

  •  Have Your Pup Star in their Very Own Easter Photoshoot

  • Christmas doesn’t have to be the only holiday that we dress our dogs up in ridiculously adorable costumes and take a million pictures of them - Easter is the perfect opportunity to refresh your pup’s Instagram with some more seasonal content. Think bunny ears, chick costumes -  we’ve even seen carrot costumes available to buy! Just get your family or friends together (or both) and set up some Easter-themed sets with any of the decorations you have lying around and get snapping.

    Pro-tip: Before you begin, play with your dog or take them for a short walk to tire them out for a bit! This can work to help them stay calm and collected during the photo shoot.

    But remember to never force your dog to wear a costume - keep your patience in check and only continue the shoot if your dog is having fun, too. No photo is worth forcing your loving pet into doing something they don’t want too. 

  • Curate Your Pup Their Very Own Easter Basket

  • Easter baskets are a classic tradition when it comes to gift giving at Easter. To show your dog how special they really are, consider making them their own personalised basket, filled with all their favourite things. The possibilities are endless with what you can put in their basket, but some of our go-to options include; their favourite food and treats, toys, a new collar or harness or possibly even a new blanket for nap time.

    April 15, 2022 — Janine Taplin