Kangaroo & Pumpkin Petsypoles Ingredients

Here’s a flavour that any meat-loving dog will be sure to devour!

Rich in tasty iron sources like Kangaroo and spinach, this savoury recipe also includes additional nutritional powerhouses like pumpkin and sweet potato to take it to the next level. After they get a taste, your dog will be jumping for more…

Key Ingredients

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“Banana – Rich in Vitamin C and B6 for improving immunity and brain health”
“Peanut butter – Great source of protein and healthy fats”
“Carob – Contains calcium for bone and muscle function support”


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Icon: Bone & Joint health

Full Ingredients

Banana, tuna, eggs, vegetable puree (sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, zucchini, spinach), peanut butter, wholemeal flour, dates, carob powder, oats, manuka active honey (MGO30+), wattle seeds, vegetable gum (xanthan gum)

Nutrition Info

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