4 Good Reasons to Start Using Dog Treats

If your workplace is anything like ours, anytime someone brings in a communal cake for “lunch”, that thing is long gone by morning tea. There’s nothing left, no polite final piece, no crum, nada. it’s gone. There are all sorts of evolutionary processes that took place which explain why civility and decorum are thrown to the curb the moment someone produces a lemon tart. We are geared towards getting rich sugary foods because they give us an energy boost. Super helpful for avoiding a sabre toothed tiger. Not so helpful today. But what is true of man is also true of man’s best friend. Your beloved hound also wants to hoard bulk dog treats before having a contented afternoon snooze. And there are many good reasons why you should scratch that itch!

Here are our top tips for treating the special pooch in your life.


1. It’s good for their physical health

We are super used to the idea that we need a balanced diet. We even supplement any deficiencies with vitamins or minerals. Well, the humble dog treat can be a wonderful way to jack your dog full of the good stuff too! Some treats come infused with pumpkin, and unlike most toddlers, dogs love the taste. It can be used to settle upset stomachs (diarrhea and constipation and the like). Other treats can clean teeth, aid digestion, the works! Or for those dogs who are old in human years and ancient in dog years, the old joints can start to get a little stiff, and a play wrestle may end with a pained yelp. There are treats out there which are chock full of nutrients and supplements to help your old trusty feel like a puppy again! It is worth chatting to your vet to see what might suit your dog.


2. It’s good for their mental health

If you’ve never demolished a carton of ice cream after a bad day, you haven’t lived! Predictably, bulk dog treats can also make your pup feel that little bit calmer when life is frightening. The right kind of dog treat will be chewy enough that your dog will spend so long trying to get at it, that it will forget all about whatever was upsetting them. This is super helpful if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, but you have the nerve to go to work. Toss it under the table and make your exit. Hours later, your dog will be in a happy treat-induced-coma.


3. They can incentivise good behaviour

Anyone who has ever trained their own dog knows the value of positive reinforcement. Whether it be toilet training, sitting, staying, rolling over or playing, your dog will develop military-like focus when they see you brandishing a treat. We’ve found that the best treats are small and brittle so you can break them up and get the most bang for your buck. When you can balance a treat on their snout and make them wait for your signal, that’s how you know you’ve got them where you want them.


4. Just cos!

Come on, your dog is the best. We know everyone thinks that about their dog, but it’s actually true of your dog. So throw ‘em a (metaphorical) bone every now and then.
December 06, 2021 — Janine Taplin