Petsypoles Banana & Carob Treat

There is no doubt that the past 2 years have had a massive impact on everyone physically, financially and emotionally. Small businesses have been no stranger to the adverse conditions that the pandemic provided. With many companies having to go into lockdown like the rest of us, many were unable to provide their goods and service face-to-face, some struggled to stay afloat, especially when competing with the giant online competitors. One thing as consumers we learned during this time was the importance of small businesses. With a struggle to import overseas goods, we turned to local business more than ever, showing us the sheer love and dedication small business owners have for their brand. In the world of dogs, there are some amazing Australian pet treat, toy, care and accessory companies that are most definitely worth checking out. We have collected some of our favourites below!

Salty Pet Supply

First, we have a gorgeous beach lifestyle brand from the Goldcoast, which was created to share the love for the beach between dogs and humans. Kona and Penelope (a chocolate lab and a french bulldog), along with their lifeguard humans, have established a bright, summery, fun brand that sells everything from collars to hoodies and harnesses to bow ties. There's even a shark life jacket costume… so cute! 

Find them at: or on Instagram @saltypetsupply

Zoh Australia

Zoh is an Australian dog towel company produced by Liv and Zoe that prides itself on its innovative and unique design. These towels are built to absorb and dry faster, collect less dirt and are even wearable. The convenience of putting your dog in its little wearable towel and letting it do the drying is not only super-duper handy but also just too adorable! They're made in Australia, lightweight and compact, plus the popping colours and designs are making these a summer must-have!

Find them at: or on Instagram @zohaustralia

Harlow Harry

With their head office in North Sydney, Harlow Harry is another Australian company providing beautiful smelling dog fragrances, shampoos and dining dishes. Established by two best friends and their pets who the company is named after, Harlow Harry is a game-changer in the fragrance pet industry, from their simplistic designs to their elegant smells and everything in between. It's a must-have for your furry friends.

Find them at: or on Instagram @harlowharry

Nice Digs

Founded in Melbourne, Nice Digs is a luxury and high-quality lifestyle brand. Homewares, collars, harnesses, bandanas and beds are just some of the items you'll find on Nice Digs, with many products being handcrafted and made in Australia. No more unattractive pieces standing out in your house for your pets; they now have the most aesthetically pleasing designer pieces in the house!

Find them at: or on Instagram @nicedigs


Oh hey that's us! Petsypoles is a Sydney based Australian pet treat company that sells frozen pet treats. Our frozen goodness is jam-packed with human-grade Australian sourced ingredients that your dog is going to love. We are an Australian made and owned company that cares about the physical and mental well-being of your pets as much as you do, and we have created this product to prove it!

Find us at: or on Instagram @petsypoles

Miso & Co

Another Melbourne based company - Miso & Co who focus on quality, comfort and style. On their site, you'll find matching t-shirts for you and your pup, bandanas and tote bags. Two sisters created the brand with their beloved dog Miso and now are taking the dog + human fashion world by storm.

Find them at: or on Instagram @misoandco

Hangdog Art

Hangdog HQ is based in Western Australia and is run by an artist and her pooch Indi. They create beautiful and unique handcrafted prints of funky landscapes and dogs as well as wire shadow boxes that are the perfect new home accessory or gift! Looking for something outside the box for a birthday, Christmas or a 'because why not' present? Look no further than Hangdog Art.

Find them at: or on Instagram @hangdog_art

Not only when you shop locally are you supporting small businesses & stimulating the Aussie economy, but it's also benefiting you and your pets. Especially in the Australian pet treat and food industry, where overseas produce has a longer travel time between when it is made, shipped and delivered to your door or bought off the shelves. When purchasing locally, you buy fresher produce which often means fewer preservatives and nasties that you may find in products that have had longer travel journeys. Moral of the story - SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!!

November 29, 2021 — Georgia Dynon