A Petsypoles Bedtime Story

Laying on the plush carpet, my eyes softly start to flutter as I begin nodding off into my afternoon nap. That was until I heard a gentle sequence of footsteps begin to make their way across the floorboards towards the front door. 


As I peel back my eyelids, I notice my human opening the door.


“That’s strange”, I think to myself, “I don’t think I heard anyone knock.”


But as she comes back inside, she returns not with another person, but instead a brown box between her hands. But this isn’t just any brown box. In my semi-sleepy state, I scan the facade of the parcel and immediately recognise the little blue logo plastered across the front. 


“Petsypoles?!?” I question as I try to grasp whether or not I am dreaming. 


But as I awaken from my sleepy haze, I feel my behind swaying as my tail starts wagging in fast, sweeping motions. This feeling of total joy and excitement begins to take over every inch of my body, confirming that this is, in fact, not a dream.


 “Oh my dog… my favourite frozen dog treats have finally arrived!”


Instantly I have leapt to my feet, and before I know it, I am jumping all over my human in an attempt to reach the box that she’s now opening on the bench. I know she hates it when I do this, but I’m just so excited I can’t help it.


“Look what I’ve got for you Dexie,” she sings as she pulls a familiar-looking packet out of the box.


As she grips and opens the packet between her fingers, it produces a glorious crinkling sound that I could recognise from a mile away. I know that not long after I hear this spine-tingling sound, I am always greeted with tasty mouthfuls of my favourite frozen dog treats.


Almost immediately, as I hear that final part of the packet unseal, I begin to sniff the air vigorously, and I am greeted with the delightful aroma of banana and carob. Pools of saliva start to form in my mouth as I watch my human pull the Petsypole out of the packet.


“Come on Dexie, you know what time it is!” my human says as she makes her way to the back door. 


Completely under the spell of the Petsypole, I mindlessly obey her command. I do know what time it is.


At this point I have swiftly chased her to the backyard and am now sitting patiently waiting for her next move. I try to sit as still as possible but I cannot help my tail as it moves in excited, lateral motions while it wags uncontrollably.


“Good boy Dexie, here you go,” she states as she offers the Petsypole towards me.


As it comes within reach of my mouth, I take a great chomp and am met with an overwhelmingly tasty sensory experience. As I bite through the deliciously chewy biscuit exterior, I then encounter the smooth, creamy frozen goodness that provides a delightfully cooling sensation throughout my body. 


And to top it all off, I am left with a blissfully sweet, fresh taste in my mouth as I finish my last bite.


Petsypoles really are the best frozen dog treats.

February 09, 2022 — Janine Taplin