The 5 Best Dog Treats to Bring for a Pup-Friendly Picnic

With COVID-19 restrictions easing across Australia and summer weather beginning to emerge, we think it’s safe to say that the era of picnics is definitely upon us. As you start to dust off your beloved picnic basket and unfurl your rug, why not spare a thought for your pooch, who probably hasn’t enjoyed being cooped up inside for months either? Here at Petsypoles, we see picnics as the perfect opportunity for a pup-friendly outing - after all, being outside and enjoying delicious food are two things dogs love the most! 

However, the delectable array of rich cheeses, tasty dips, and salty crackers that you’re planning on devouring shouldn’t really be shared with your dog, as many of these products contain ingredients with high volumes of contents, such as lactose, that trigger digestive upset among dogs. 

But that doesn’t mean that our furry friends should have to miss out on any of the outdoor feasting fun! There’s an endless list of picnic-appropriate foods that can be shared by both you and your pet, making them the perfect dog treats for a nice relaxing day that all picnic guests - furry or not - will enjoy.

With this in mind, the Petsypoles team developed a list of some of their favourite pet-friendly picnic foods to share in the hopes that it inspires you guys to host some picnics that keep your pups from feeling left out of the festivities.


While carrot sticks are the perfect dip vehicle for people, their snacking possibilities don’t end there, as carrots are also excellent low-calorie dog treats. This versatile veggie is high in fibre, meaning you can eliminate any fears of having to pick up runny poops while out enjoying your picnic. Crunching on carrots is also great for your dog’s oral health, as chewing helps clean their teeth and gums by removing residual food pieces and clearing plaque from tooth surfaces.


These perfect on-the-go snacks are another great treat to bring along on any dog-inclusive picnics. Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium, which helps to improve your pups brain function and assist healthy nerve function. These yellow fruits also contain magnesium, which promotes healthy bone growth while helping the body use vitamins and minerals more effectively. As they’re high in fibre, bananas will also help keep your pup’s digestion working in tip-top shape!



A crowd favourite among the Petsypoles team for picnic-friendly dog treats was blueberries. Rich in antioxidants, this superfood performs a powerful function by helping to prevent cell damage in both dogs and humans alike, reducing their risk of developing some types of cancer. As an added bonus, studies have shown that adding antioxidants to a dogs’ diet reduces the effects of brain aging, making blueberries a perfect treat option for those of you who plan on picnicking with senior pooches.


Apple slices are another great snack for dogs - just make sure you remove all the seeds and core first! High in vitamins A and C, this fresh fruit helps pups maintain a healthy coat and skin. Crunching on apples will also support a strong and healthy set of teeth while improving the freshness of your dogs’ breath. As a great source of carbohydrates, apples are the ultimate picnic treat for fueling your pup with enough energy to play all day while you munch away.


Ok, hear us out… we know Petsypoles are primarily dog treats, but the ingredients used to make them are human-grade, so technically, they can make this list. Petsypoles are the perfect dog treats to bring on any pup-friendly picnics because they combine the nutritional benefits of a variety of natural ingredients, making it the ultimate healthy dog snack. Not to mention, Petsypoles’ hydrating properties will ensure that your furry friend stays cool and hydrated during their outside play, which is super important as the weather starts to turn warmer. Plus, their stick-like shape means that some epic fetch and tug-o-war games can easily be added to the picnic agenda. So if you ask us, Petsypoles are an essential addition to any pet-friendly picnic (even if you don’t plan on eating them yourself).

As more parts of Australia begin to open up, remember that even the most simple things like enjoying a meal outdoors can make us the happiest and allow us to create the best memories. When possible, try to make that extra effort to bring your dog along for the adventure because they certainly need the time outside just as much as you do. So as our lives start returning to their hectic states, make sure you take the time to just relax and enjoy some wholesome picnics with your human and canine companions - because what would life be if we couldn’t enjoy the best parts of it with our dogs?

November 01, 2021 — Janine Taplin