Petsypoles Ingredients and Their Endless Health Benefits!

As humans, we try to have a balanced diet filled with a mixture of the 5 food groups. Here at Petsypoles, we believe it’s essential to do the same for our dogs! That’s why our natural dog treats are filled with human-grade goodness and are built with ingredients that are made to benefit your furry friend’s health just like they’d help yours. Why feed your pets something you wouldn’t eat yourself? After all, they are an integral part of the family. We tried The Banana & Carob Petsypole at HQ and gave it a big thumbs up. Kangaroo & Pumpkin, while very tempting, the dogs licked it all up before we even got the chance to try! 

In an industry clouded with deception and misleading terms, it’s not always easy for pup parents to navigate and find food that is really good for their dogs. That is why we aim to be as honest as we can, and with a recipe as nutritious and flavoursome as ours, it’s easy to be transparent about what goes into our delicious natural dog treats. We’ve made it easy for you to see the benefits of Petsypoles by creating a list of just some of the key perks that are packed into some of the ingredients:


The Vegetables

We’re told to eat our vegetables from a young age, then we’ll grow big and strong - the same principles apply to dogs. But have you ever actually wondered how they help the body? The biscuit exterior of every Petsypole contains 5 different types of vegetables, including sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, spinach and broccoli. Our savoury flavour boasts the added bonus of pumpkin inside. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals such as potassium and iron. It also has a high soluble fibre content and prebiotic composition, encouraging essential bacteria in the digestive tract, promoting healthy digestion. Sweet potato also contains vitamins A and E as well as magnesium which helps immunity, bone strength and nerve function. It is also packed with beta-carotene, which gives sweet potato its colour and can protect eye cells from damage. 

The Fruits

Our Banana & Carob flavoured Petsypoles contain two mighty fruits: bananas and dates. Bananas are jam-packed with nutrients and properties which help various parts of the body. Some properties include magnesium for muscle strength, calcium for bone strength, vitamin B6 to stimulate brain function and vitamin C to supercharge immunity. Dates also contain magnesium, vitamin B6 and antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acid, which reduce inflammation. Carotenoids are also found in dates that are known to promote heart and eye health. 

The Proteins

Like us, our dogs need energy, and that’s where protein saves the day. In the Petsypoles exterior, eggs and tuna provide the primary source of protein. In the Pumpkin and Kangaroo flavoured Petsypoles, kangaroo is the key protein provider and was intentionally selected as a more sustainable protein option compared to other meat varieties. Kangaroo is a lean meat and a great source of vitamin B, iron and zinc, which help with energy levels, boosting immunity and thyroid functionality. While assisting with the creamy consistency, eggs are a great source of additional protein and contain vitamins A, D, E, K and B12, which promote heart, eye, tooth and muscle health and boosts immunity while preventing inflammation.

The Superfoods

Superfoods have earned their name for a reason; they truly are SUPER! Our natural dog treats contain many superfoods, but Carob powder and wattle seeds deserve a special mention. As I’m sure you’ve been told over and over again, chocolate is a big no-no for dogs. Carob powder is made from carob tree bean pods and provides a healthy, not to mention tasty, substitute for cocoa. Carob powder is NOT chocolate and has an overflowing amount of benefits. It’s filled with calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium, which support heart, nerve, bone and muscle function. It’s a good source of protein and is rich in polyphenol antioxidants (try saying that 5 times fast), which have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective abilities. Wattle seeds are an Indigenous Australian superfood filled with a rich source of protein and high concentrations of potassium, iron, calcium and zinc, as well as a low glycemic index that helps support blood sugar levels. 

The Healthy Fats

To complete a balanced diet, our Petsypoles include healthy fats in the form of cashew butter and raw peanut butter. Cashews are a good source of unsaturated fats and are rich in vitamin E, potassium and zinc. We soak our cashews before pureeing them into the mix to remove the phytic acid, increasing the uptake of nutrients and making them easier for digestion. We chose to use peanut butter made from 100% peanuts which provide a healthy source of fats and is high in protein. It also contains folic acid to aid cell growth, and the polyunsaturated fats coupled with niacin, magnesium and vitamin E help to boost heart health and manage blood sugar levels. 

Needless to say, there’s an endless list of benefits to each and every Petsypole and these are just the health-related ones! There are numerous more environmental, ethical and social ones we’ll dive into later. But for now, you can have comfort knowing that with Petsypoles, you are feeding your dog with the very best nutrient-filled, human-grade, delicious ingredients!

October 25, 2021 — Georgia Dynon