Why Petsypoles’ “Frozen Goodness” is so much Better than Dog Ice Cream

You’ve probably noticed that here at Petsypoles, we like to use the phrase ‘frozen goodness’... a lot! But we know most of you probably haven’t heard this term before, so we decided to jump on the blog and give you the low-down on what exactly we’re filling our Petsypoles with and why you should be getting your pooch onto it ASAP.

Before we go into detail, we thought it would be beneficial to first tell you what Petsypoles are NOT. To put it simply, Petsypoles are NOT dog ice cream. While similar in texture and having a frozen consistency, that’s about all our Petsypoles have in common with dog ice cream. To show you why we highlighted the primary differences below:

Petsypoles are dairy-free and lactose-free

As we all know, ice cream is a dairy product. However, what might come as a surprise to some is that many dairy products, including some dog ice cream, aren’t appropriate to be feeding your furry friend (even if they try to convince you with their best puppy dog eyes). Dairy products are known to cause digestive upset and trigger food allergies among dogs. That’s because, just like some humans, dogs struggle to break down the ‘lactose’ nutrient found in milk-based products. This digestive challenge causes them to experience nasty symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, itching and abdominal pain. 

But as a team of avid dog lovers, we don’t think this means that dogs should have to miss out, so we created a recipe for frozen treats that is both dairy-free and lactose-free, meaning you can feed them to your pooch worry-free. Developed with sensitive dog tummies in mind, our formula is far from ice cream, making it completely safe and a great option to feed your dog if they need a cool, frosty treat.

Petsypoles are ACTUALLY healthy 

Unlike ice cream, which is full of artificial sweeteners, bad fats and sugar, Petsypoles are entirely full of good stuff, with no hidden nasties. Combining the best Australian produce sourced from local farms with fresh sources of protein and human-grade ingredients, our treats not only taste better than dog ice cream but are nutritionally superior too! That’s why we chose the term ‘frozen goodness’ because Petsypoles are quite literally filled with a range of nourishing health benefits combined together in a smooth, frozen form.

And adding to this, we are completely transparent about the ingredients used in our Petsypoles. If you read the list of ingredients for any of our products, you’ll find that you’re actually able to understand and recognise all the words - we don’t hide behind any numbers or confusing and misleading terms. Much like the Petsypoles themselves, the ingredients used in our products are fresh, simple, healthy and delicious, making them a far better alternative to any dog ice cream product. Petsypoles are designed to be a guilt-free treat that owners can feel good about giving their pets. 

Petsypoles aren’t as simple as ice-cream

And if the previous points haven’t already convinced you, just the sheer amount of research, time and effort that has gone into turning the Petsypoles concept into an actual product on the market makes it distinct from ice cream in its own right. From start to finish, the conceptualisation, formulation, testing, development and fine-tuning of the Pestypoles product has taken years. Yes, years. Our team has worked tirelessly over this time to make sure we are offering only the highest quality treats and setting a new standard for the level of care and consideration that goes into producing treats for our beloved furry friends.

With that said, we think that if we’ve put in the work to create a product that is better than dog ice cream, it deserves a title that reflects that status - and thus, the term’ frozen goodness’ was born. This term signifies Petsypoles as an innovative leader in its own unique category of pet treats. 

To wrap up, what sets Petsypoles apart from dog ice cream is our firm commitment to providing a natural, nourishing treat that’s filled with all the right things and leaves out all the wrong ones. Here at Petsypoles, we have worked so hard to bring your beloved poochies a frozen treat that, while being incredibly tasty, packs some serious nutritional punch. Because we know everyone’s dog is the best, so their treats should be too. So next time you’re thinking of treating your furry friend with some dog ice cream, why not spoil them with a Petsypole and let them indulge in some frozen goodness instead?

October 18, 2021 — Janine Taplin