The Story of Petsypoles

The beginning of Petsypoles

After some scorching hot days, Janine, the leader of our pack, desperately wanted to find a way to keep her fur-kid Bobby - a stumpy-tailed cattle dog - hydrated and cool during summer. After realising that feeding Bobby whatever ice blocks and ice-creams she was giving her human kids probably wasn’t the healthiest choice, Janine & her team scoured the pet treat industry for a dog-friendly alternative. However, despite their best efforts, they was unable to find any frozen products that, firstly, didn’t take 3 days to make, and secondly, would provide some significant nutritional benefits! With a disappointing result and a newfound determination to fill this need, Petsypoles was born. 

Janine knew she wouldn’t be the only pet parent out there struggling to find a hydrating, healthy and convenient treat, and so the vision of Petsypoles was formed. The idea of a new breed of frozen pet treats filled with the goodness from human-grade ingredients without the hassle of making it yourself. 

With a powerful drive to bring this vision to life, Janine started forming the Petsypoles dream team - a crew of animal-loving individuals with varying backgrounds in science, manufacturing, business & design - who all shared the same passion and eagerness to bring this innovative pet treat to market. After the team was formed, it was time to undertake the rigorous but necessary process of researching every ingredient’s nitty-gritty details. Finding all the benefits inside & out, we wanted to make sure that every element in each Petsypole had a purpose in fulfilling some form of health-related benefit to your pets!

As our research grew deeper, the team became more and more passionate about pet nutrition and frustrated with the lack of information about pet treats currently on the market. We decided to always be open and honest with our consumers and set a new standard for nutrition in pet treats. Petsypoles ingredients contain none of those scary, chemical-sounding words you think someone has just made up to sound smart, just 100% delicious frozen goodness that will leave your pet begging for more. 

A year later, with new equipment upgrades and a new location (which we’ve affectionately named Petsypoles HQ), research and planning completed, we finally were ready to share Petsypoles with the world.


Why are Petsypoles so good you ask? Well…

Not only are Petsypoles oozing with frozen goodness, but they’re also designed to boost canine enrichment by engaging their 5 senses across the Petsypoles experience:

Sound: the tear of the packaging creating excitement

Smell: the aroma from every flavour sparking intrigue

Sight: unique design creating an interactive feeding experience between pet and owner

Taste: natural ingredients creating treats with rich flavour profiles 

Touch: the dry and cold multi-layered treat triggering tactile sensations through texture

Petsypoles are designed to be so much more than just a pet treat. We want our consumers to see feeding a Petsypole to their furry friend as a bonding opportunity, even for tasks as mundane as feeding their pet.

The iconic Petsypoles’ ‘stick’ shape and biscuit exterior invite users to engage in an interactive experience when feeding their pet. The biscuit exterior means you can take your Petsypoles anywhere with you. Meaning your fur-kid can have their Petsypoles at the beach, park or just enjoy it at home in the backyard! But be careful it doesn’t melt along the way… although we’re pretty convinced your pet will be indulging before it even has the chance to shred a drop!

Alongside the endless benefits that Petsypoles offers your four-legged pal, we also try to help cut down the annoying to-do list of our busy pet-parents by having a flexible subscription-based business model. Upon your first purchase, you just have to choose your flavours & how many treats you’d like to order per month, and then we’ll do the rest! And even better, less time spent in the kitchen prepping your dogs’ healthy snacks means you now have more time to hang out with your pooch! Every delivery will arrive straight to your door each month, all ready to be enjoyed on a nice day. Or maybe on a rainy miserable one… your choice!

But what else makes us so special?

Everything we do at Petsypoles is driven by our core values that we maintain in all that we do as a company. We focus on:

  • Using Australian produce
  • Supporting local farmers and businesses
  • Practising sustainable and ethical processes
  • Encouraging community engagement
  • Enhancing consumer and team welfare; and
  • Inspiring innovation wherever we see fit

If you’re interested in seeing all this in action, make sure to follow our socials for more information and live updates!

Petsypoles aren’t just a pretty face - it’s the total package! Every bite is filled with frozen goodness and packed with pure joy for you and your furry friend. And to make it even easier, Petsypoles are delivered straight to your door. Petsypoles is the pet treat you didn’t know you needed, but the one your pet will never forget!

October 11, 2021 — Georgia Dynon